Pylon competition

The Queensland Model Aircraft Racing Association is our state ‘Special Interest Group’ (SIG) for Pylon racing and runs a full schedule of Pylon events at MAAQ clubs.
Pylon is very competitive in Qld with a number of our members representing and winning nationally and internationally.
The weather is great here for scheduling pylon events all year round. The racing is competitive and the atmosphere very social at QMARA comps.
New people are always welcome to come and look or try it out and if your club would like to host a Pylon event contact QMARA.

The racing classes in Qld:
Q500 sport (a good class for the novice, uses a standard sport glow engine on standard 4:1 fuel)
F3R (Racing engine on standard 4:1 fuel)
F3T (Performance airframe, racing engine, mini pipe, nitro fuel, control prop)
F3D (Ultimate performance with race tuned engines, full pipe, carbon props)
F3E (Ultimate performance electric)
There are also some social Pylon events that you can check out at this link: Pylon Social event category

For more information on Qld pylon check out QMARA
The national SIG for pylon is AMPRA

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