All applications for grant funding will be reviewed on the basis of the perceived return on value to the club or the sport in general.

When writing your application for funding please keep at the forefront of your mind, “If I was another club reading your application would I think your request is a worthwhile venture to be funded and what sort of material should I include in my request to justify its worthiness”.

Use this template as a guide on how to complete your application.

Once the template is complete go to the  GRANT APPLICATION page to submit the application and any formal quotations and documentation to support your request.

Please also note each year the MAAQ Budget contains an allocation for Grant Funding. Once this budget allocation is exhausted funding is closed for the financial year.

To ensure the appropriate management of grant funds, funding cannot be provided in arrears so ensure all applications for grant funding is done in advance of when the funding is required

Money for clubs

Financial help to build our sport

Through the MAAQ Grant Program, MAAA affiliated clubs can apply for grants to assist in the promotion of the sport as well as development of their club.  All applications must be received in writing (or via electronic form as per below) and all applications must be reviewed and approved by the MAAQ Management Committee. 

MAAQ Grant Application Information

Please ensure all requests for funding are accompanied by formal quotations or, at the very least, hyperlinked to sites where the prices of the goods may be verified independently.

Event funding
$2,000 per event

To assist clubs to host a major event. The event must be open to all MAAQ members with the primary goals of promoting aeromodelling amongst the broader community, encouraging fellowship between our members and encouraging the promotion, awareness and growth of aeromodelling membership. Funding shall take into account the level of participation by members and likely benefits to the association. Where possible these events should be conducted as public displays.

Initiative Funding
$500 per club

Initiatives intended to raise awareness of aeromodelling and increasing membership. The application shall take into account the level of participation by members and likely benefits to the association.

MAAA Development Assistance
$1,000 per instance

Each year the MAAA run a funding program for all clubs nationwide. Part of the criteria is financial support from the MAAQ. MAAQ will provide funding to assist worthwhile projects in conjunction with MAAA funding. Clubs are expected to contribute significantly to any project for which grants are provided by the MAAQ. Grants are intended to supplement club resources not to be a replacement for clubs own fundraising efforts.