Listed below are items that can be accessed from the MAAQ for all affiliated clubs

Setting up a new club.

Contact the Secretary for assistance.


Public flying displays.

Contact the Secretary for assistance.

Guide lines to running an MAAA Nationals.

Click here for a Pdf copy Nats Guide Feb 2013


Record keeping.

Contact the Treasurer for access to the  MAAA Membership System. The Membership System is browser based and is compatible with most browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Contact the Treasurer for a list of duties performed by the Treasurer and Registrar also the Secretary for guidance with Secretarial matters.


Definition of a Junior

“A person who turns 18 on or after the 1st July remains a Junior until the following renewal year”


Wings and other ratings.

National Overview.

The Wings program is under the control of the State CFI who manages the system on behalf of the MAAA.

State Overview.

At club level, generally instructing and wings testing is carried out by MAAA approved Instructors. An Instructor rating is awarded after attending and passing courses run by the State CFI and his appointed deputies within QLD.

Contact the State CFI for more information.

To assist members gain their wings Pilot Log Books are available from the State CFI. These are usually given out by Club Instructors when flight instruction is commenced.

Club Secretaries could also have some on hand making them available to all new members. (depending on specific Club policies) The completed Wings test forms are sent to the State’s CFI for his records, and despatch of wings badge/s and certificate/s to the Club Secretary for distribution to the club member.

Once a member has gained either their Bronze, Gold or Instructor wings, in either of the following facets of the sport:, Glider, Helicopter. Fixed Wing, Rocketry, the club Registrar should be notified so that the information can be recorded on the Club’s Data Base. This ensures recognition of the members new status will be printed on their membership card the following year.

For a list of phone numbers and email addresses go to the home page and click on “Committee”.


Half Yearly Memberships.

Half yearly membership is available to all new members joining after January 1st up until the renewal period commencing 1st July. Previous members who have been absent for at least 1 full membership year ( July to June) are also entitled to this discount if rejoining after January 1st up until the renewal period commencing 1 July.


Delta Darts.

Contact the President email:">   for advice on how to obtain these free rubber powered models that can be used for educational purposes, either at your club or at venues suitable for educating young people, for example Schools and Scout Halls.            


Application form for new club members.

The application form available is provided as a guide only, but can be used as a starting point.


Registering a Flying Field.

Download and fill in the “Field Registration” Form from the “Forms” section here: Field Registration Form MAAA 006

Note: There is a fee payable to CASA for this service. Post your form to the Secretary who will advise when this fee is required.