Model Aeronautical Association of Queensland

The National body (MAAA) has arranged for an excellent insurance package for all model aircraft enthusiasts. This package is only available through a registered Aero Model Club.   

 2013 – 2014 certificate of insurance. 

Extract from MAAA newsletter No3 in 2011

“In reviewing the current excess at the 2011 Council Conference, delegates agreed
that this did not match present day expectations nor provide sufficient deterrent, and
an increase to $500.00 was accepted.” 

9th July 2012

The MAAQ Committee voted to pay the $500 insurance excess on Public Liability claims for all MAAA badged Instructors whilst training students to learn to fly in the event of a claim which leads to compensation.

  • Instructors should note that it is only whilst teaching people and not whilst assessing people for wings as it is the pilot’s responsibility in that instance.
  • The student must also be “buddy boxed” to the Instructor’s master radio using an approved system for that radio. This does not in any way diminish the responsibility any Instructor has whilst flying a model aircraft either for personal pleasure, sport or test flying another member’s aircraft as this arrangement will not cover that situation.
  • In the event of a claim the Instructor must inform the club Secretary immediately an incident occurs so that a written report can be sent with the incident report to the MAAQ Secretary.
  • The incident must also be reported to the MAAA Secretary as per MOP 001 as soon as is practicable.
  • Note: this does not include club appointed Instructors as clubs should make their own arrangements for these people.