This annual event run by the Southern Cross Air Force and hosted by the Tin Can Bay MFC was attended this year by around 30 flyers. As a Warbird event the variety of aircraft on display was varied from ‘one eye shut’ scale to F4H. There was also a good spread of power between electric, IC glow and petrol. The weather forecast may have deterred a few SCAF members from coming but Saturday although overcast had a very light breeze, just enough to provide a take-off direction everyone followed, and Sunday must the same with light clouds drifting past.

As an aging club we often struggle for volunteers to man the kitchen for lunch and breakfast. After some discussion at our club meeting, we approached the local school to possibly enlist some of the P&C group. It would give them some extra income and may provide the club with future members. Saturday’s lunch went well but Sunday exploded. As a club we had a mindset of cooking breakfast at 7:30am then starting lunch around 11am. The P&C, having got a feel for proceedings on Saturday, loaded their social media groups with the event promoting it as a family day out watching model aircraft fly and lunch! Huge number arrived Sunday. The ladies arrived about 10:15 and wanted to start cooking saying, ”feed the public” and that went really well, we were flat out for a couple of hours with excellent results for both the club and P&C. There have been a few lessons learnt this weekend and apparently, Chocolate cake and a coffee could go down well mid-afternoon…

With respect to the flying, the Pilot’s all enjoyed their time with quite a few also camping at the field for a couple of days either side of the event. Sunday my 12 year old grandson flew his 2m Extra 230 which is an excellent advert for the sport when junior members of the public see this isn’t only for old men. I have only been here in QLD for just over 2 years and must say the Esprit de corps at events here is brilliant! And of course, the weather helps.

Finally, a huge thank you on behalf of everyone at Tin Can Bay MFC to the MAAQ committee who supported our event by refunding our shopping bill to the tune of $500, many thanks. Please note this help is available to all clubs.

Author – Bill Wheeler