An article by John Peric

If you are of an age to have been flying model aeroplanes in the 1970’s and 80’s and remember the easy going, low bureaucracy flying clubs of the time, you are just hitting your prime.  As a young boy, I lived in Erskineville, an inner suburb of Sydney and my father took me to see control line flying on Erskineville Oval.  I clearly remember the noise of unmuffled engines and the smell of Castor oil.

These days a mere cough on Erskineville Oval will see you dragged away for noise infringement and control line flying was banned by the emerging fun police way back in the late 60’s. 

Psychologists say we spend our adult years trying to re-capture the enjoyable years of our youth…so true, for me that involves model aeroplanes, made much easier by a very indulgent wife.

My most recent model, a David Boddington “Santa Maria” supersized to four channels with Irvine 21 Diesel up front, sitting on my flying strip.  All traditional, Balsa, silk and dope.  In the spirit of self-sufficiency, I also have six Balsa trees growing…who wants to grow tomatoes.

At 63, I’m close to retirement and while not what would be called rich, a long working life has allowed my wife and I to buy a little 118 acre farm an hour out of Brisbane for which my only criteria was “a little bit of flat ground for a flying strip”….got that!  Now an MAAQ registered flying field and flying club with a membership of two with only two rules.

I’d like to invite others to help re-create and enjoy a model flying environment from the 1970’s.  This is where you can bring out your O&R 60 powered Red Zephyr and fly without feeling guilty.

How I see things playing out…..

Redfin engines is planning a 15 (2.5cc) RC Diesel….hopefully unmuffled but it won’t matter.  I’ll sell (at cost) an engine, plane kit and Diesel fuel to anyone interested and every three months we meet for a leisurely day of flying, damper and billy tea.  The model is important for to enjoy this genteel day of 1970’s flying, there’ll be no ARF’s and no plastic film, you’ll have to be all doped up. 

Redfin engines are made in the Ukraine and as we all know, Ukrainians are distracted by other things at the moment, but engines are still being made in reduced quantity, so this enterprise may still be some months off.  Not an issue as summer weather is truly awful but if you’re interested, don’t find the rules too onerous and fancy a trip to Boonah every three months, please drop me a line at .  Camping is possible on the farm.