In this edition of the MAAQ Newsletter you will find;

  • Letter from the MAAA President, Tim Nolan
  • Member Highlights:  John Box from Kingaroy Aero Modellers
  • $7,000 per club up for grabs!!! MAAA Club Assistance Scheme Funding applications are now open
  • Accidents and Incident Statistics
  • Get YOUR event on to the MAAQ Calendar (THE place to be!)
  • Training, Wings and Certifications update
  • Would you like to become an Instructor?

John Box... Kingaroy President?
We were delighted to sit down and learn about John Box and how he got started into the aero modelling fraternity.  John is the President and Secretary of the Kingaroy Aero Modellers and his story is a good read...

There was a communications sent out to all members from the President of the MAAA, Tim Nolan at the end of January (Click here to read).  The communication contains;
  • CASA Update
  • MAAA Conference (including nominations for the MAAA Vice President position)
  • F3A Location Change
  • Member Jungle Update
  • Club Assistance Scheme (see below under Grant Funding)
  • Drone news
  • MOP Re-Writes
  • Member Stories


Statistics for Last Quarter
This is where we would include statistics on what has happened regarding Accidents and Incidents over the past quarter (1st October - 31st December, 2022);

Accidents (3)
Incidents (11)

For more information on accident or incident reporting see the MAAA's Manual of Procedures MOP001 Accidents and Incidents Reporting and Actions Procedure.

Club Assistance Scheme is NOW OPEN
Applications are now being taken for the MAAA Club Assistance Scheme.  Each club is able to apply for assistance up to $7,000 ex GST.    (Application forms here)  Applications close by 31st March and require the MAAQ's endorsement.  Once you complete your application send it to the MAAQ Secretary, Rodney Clarke.

This is a great opportunity to kick start some projects at your clubs for 2023.  The MAAA Executive will be recommending support for those clubs who have a clear interest in membership growth. Think outside the box for ideas – we want clubs that are both proactive and more importantly, fun!

Australia Day Fly In

The SAAMBR club hosted their inaugural Australia day Fly-in at the Burpengary field on Thursday 26th January 2023.

MAAQ supported the event to provide free Breakfast for the attendees and followed up with lamingtons, scones and Anzac Biscuits throughout the day. Warm sunny conditions made for great flying weather with just under 200 people attending across the day. Bean and Gone to EB’s coffee trailer was popular for a pick me up and there was a great variety of models and types of flying across the day. 
This type of Social Fly-in is proving popular and the SAAMBR club have already booked in Aus Day 2024 so stay tuned for that.

Pilot Box Rules

We are always looking for ways in which our clubs are communicating with their members on increasing safety within our sport and sometimes the most simplest of things are right in front of us.  

Let's get loud when talking to other pilots in the pilot box.  Don't be shy, belt it out and (most importantly) wait for a response so you know it's all OK.  Here are a few suggestions on making your intentions clear in the pilot box.

Get your EVENT onto the MAAQ Calendar
If you want to attract the next generation to our sport check out the MAAQ Events Website for the next up and coming event. 

Make sure YOUR CLUBs next event is listed in the MAAQ Event Calendar by emailing our Secretary with all of the details.  Just send this information to the MAAQ Secretary and it will be done!!

Next Instructor Course

Will be held at Banyo Library on 11th March.  If you would like to become an instructor just discuss this with your club secretary and have them send an email through to our SFI, Steve Lightowler, and he will be in contact with you.

Attendees on the 11th March so far are from these clubs;

Tingalpa   (4)
SAAMBR   (3)
Samford   (1)

What has been achieved over the past quarter

Straight from the desk of the MAAQ State Flying Instructor (SFI) are the following statistics for he last quarter;

Fixed Wing Bronze (3)
Fixed Wing Silver (12)
Fixed Wing Gold (4)
Heli Silver (1)
Multirotor Silver (1)
Who do I contact on the Committee for what?