If you would like to have your event added to the MAAQ Calendar you can either;

Enter your event details directly to the MAAQ Calendar by CLICKING HERE (we have to review and approve it first), or;

Send an email to the MAAQ Public Relations Officer (PRO) with the following information;

  • Who you are and which club or Special Interest Group (SIG) you represent.
  • Title of the Event.
  • Several paragraphs of information for the potential attendees and also include information to attract new people e.g., that would make someone think, “Hey, that’s something that I might be interested in coming to see and/or participate in!
  • Date(s) – (Start and end dates if over several days).
  • Start time (each day for events over multiple days).
  • Location of event – Club hosting the event, or if at another location please provide a Google Maps validated address as this will allow everyone to find you.
  • Who is the organiser of the event (e.g., name of SIG running the event) and include a point of contact (name, email and or phone).
  • At least one image – Promotional poster or image for the event.
  • The more the information the better but please don’t assume that the person (me) receiving your email will understanding who you are or any of your acronyms associated with your event. Please spell it out and that will allow me to make it happen for you sooner.