Model Aeronautical Association of Queensland

The MAAQ Rules and Bylaws are in place to provide operational guidelines and structure specifically related to the MAAQ. Some guidelines must be enforced by affiliated clubs however each club has it’s own Rules and Bylaws which govern their own members. As a club member, you should refer to your local club rules as your primary point of reference.


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Definitions & Interpretation


Membership Fees


Other Fees


Flying Rules and Rules for Conduct




Banking and Limitation of Expenditure


Change of Office Bearer


Category Administrators


Awards and Recognition


Disciplining of Members


Noise Pollution


Reports to Meetings by Management Committee Members


Subsidy for Team Members on World Championship and Trans-Tasman Teams


Address of Complaints

Rules for Formula Q.S. and Formula Q. E. (Pylon)

Seaplane Scale



M.A.A.Q. Inc. means the Model Aeronautical Association of Queensland Inc.

Association means the Model Aeronautical Association of Queensland Inc.

M.A.A.A. means the Model Aeronautical Association of Australia.

A.S.A.C. means Air SportAustralia Confederation.

F.A.I. means the Federation Aeronautique Internationale

C.I.A.M. means the Commission Internationale for Aero Modelling.

Words importing persons shall include all legal entities.

Regulations shall be all matters set out in these By-Laws or as amended from time to time.

Rules shall be all matters set out in the “Rules of Incorporated Association” for M.A.A.Q. Inc.

MEMBERS – refer to Rule 5 (Rules of Incorporated Association)

1. MEMBERSHIP FEES 2015-2016



Ordinary Member





Affiliate Member




Senior 65










Associate Member






Protest fee arising out of any competition











All members shall observe the rules, regulations, etc. as laid down in the M.A.A.A. Inc. “Aeromodellers Official Rules and Instructions” existing at the date of this incorporation and, where applicable, observe the rules and regulations of the A.S.A.C., F.A.I. and C.I.A.M. existing at the date of this incorporation and all subsequent amendments as determined by any or all of the above named parties.



Consumption of Alcohol and/or other Intoxicant: Any member (participating in flying activities as a flier, helper and/or official for the occasion) found to have consumed alcohol and/or other intoxicant at that meeting, shall forthwith be disqualified from all of that occasion’s activities and/or results. Further, such member shall not be allowed to continue participation in such flying activities on that particular occasion.

Any member who offends on more than one such occasion against this By-Law shall be required to show cause to the Management Committee why that member’s membership should not be cancelled. (Refer to Rule 9 of the Rules of Incorporated Association).

This By-Law is to apply to all flying activities undertaken by members of whatever nature, and includes Sports Flying, Flying Displays, Fly-ins, all competitive activities and similar.



Rules for Model Flying Events adopted for use in Queensland are those rules as published in the M.A.A.A. “Aeromodellers Official Rules and Instructions” and as amended from time to time, plus the following Queensland Rules.















Formula QS and Formula QE
Seaplane – Scale




Sub-Committees appointed under Rule 14 [Clauses 14.2 (a) and 14.2 (b)] of the Rules of Incorporated Association shall appoint a Minutes Secretary and such Minutes Secretary shall cause full and accurate Minutes of all questions, matters, resolutions and other proceedings of each Sub-Committee meeting, to be recorded in writing, and shall forward a copy of such Minutes to the Secretary of the Association and to each Sub-Committee member within seven (7) days of the date of such meeting.


Sub-Committee Selection:



The members selected to act on any Sub-Committee of the M.A.A.Q. Inc. will be selected by the Category Administrator in accordance with Rule 14 (Clause 14.2.(e) of the Rules of Incorporated Association)



The Administrator shall decide what portfolios his/her committee members shall hold.



Once the final selection has been made by the Category Administrator, the selected member will be ratified by the M.A.A.Q. Inc. Management Committee. Members may resign from the Sub-Committee, however, their replacement will be at the discretion of the Category Administrator.


5. Banking, Limitation of Expenditure and Loans


Banking: The Management Committee shall authorise the Treasurer to open such accounts with licensed Financial Institutions within Queensland, as may be necessary for the effective conduct of the Association’s business. This includes the use of term deposits, investment, savings and other similar accounts.


Limitation of Expenditure: The Treasurer shall prepare a budget for proposed expenditure and present same to a General Meeting for approval and adoption:



Where a budget has been tabled at a General Meeting and has been approved by that meeting, no further authorisation by a General Meeting is required for such expenditure.



The Management Committee shall be limited to a maximum of $500.00 for items of capital expenditure (that is, equipment, new or replacement, etc.) except for the payment of affiliation fees due and payable to M.A.A.A.

Items of capital expenditure exceeding $500.00 and which have not been previously authorised in the approved budget, or excluded by 5.2(b), shall be submitted to a General Meeting of Ordinary members for approval.



Expenditure in excess of the approved budget should prior to such expenditure being incurred and/or paid, be approved at a General Meeting.



Members of the Management Committee shall not be expected to use personal funds or lines of credit to Finance the continuing and effective operations of MAAQ Inc. For reasons of convenience, Committee Members may offer such service, and must be reimbursed in full as soon as practically possible.



A “Working account” of $1000.00 shall be provided for the Treasurer with a single signatory Cheque book. This will allow the Committee to meet the day to day requirements of the organisation. The account is to be reconciled at every Management Committee Meeting. All amounts expended must be approved by the Management Committee before the Working Account is topped up. Items of capital expenditure cannot be purchased through the Working Account (ref Para 5.2 (b).



All transactions which may be envisaged in terms of Rule 3 (Clauses 3.1.20 and 3.1.21) of the Rules of Incorporated Association shall be submitted to a General Meeting of Ordinary members for approval prior to the Management Committee undertaking the acquisition, amalgamation, etc.


Financial Reports Financial reports to Management Committee meetings shall be a statement of expenditure and reconciliation of all accounts. Financial reports to a General Meeting a budget vs actual to date report , a relevant statement of income and expenditure, and a statement showing reconciliation of all accounts. Other reports required to be prepared and presented shall include all reports deemed necessary by relevant legislation (e.g. Associations Incorporation Act etc,.) or requested by resolution of the Management Committee.


Reimbursement Reimbursement of reasonable expenditure for committee members shall, where practical, be as per receipt, submitted to and approved by the Management Committee and within the constraints of the budget. Transaction and summary type reports for such items shall include totals for headings such as Travel, Telephone, Meals, & Equipment etc,


Loans and Conditions MAAQ Inc. Loans and Conditions



All Ordinary members (Clubs) shall notify the Secretary of the Association within fourteen (14) days of any change in the Office Bearers of such member. This shall be advised on FORM “MAAQ.003”

NOTE: Compliance with this provision shall ensure that any Officer of such member may represent his/her Club at General Meetings of the Association upon production of personal identification (for example, current Membership Card). This provision does not negate any proxy vote lodged by such Club which may instruct a proxy to vote in a particular way in regard to motions before the meeting.


The Administrator of a Category shall be granted FAI Observer status if requested by that Administrator and an application form lodged.




The Management Committee may recommend to a General Meeting of members the recognition of outstanding service and/or achievement.


The Management Committee may award a certificate for Meritorious Service to an Affiliate member in respect of the enrolment of Junior modellers as Affiliate members and continuing assistance and guardianship to such Juniors.



Refer to Rules 9 and 10 (Rules of Incorporated Association)



This By-Law governs the operations of Model Aircraft flown within the boundaries of the City of Brisbane. Model aircraft operated within the boundaries of the city of Brisbane shall be subject to compliance with a measurement of NOT MORE THAN ninety six (96) decibels measured at a distance of three (3) metres over a hard stand area with no other models being operated at the time of measurement. The method of measurement to be used shall be as follows:



The model shall be positioned on the ground upon it’s undercarriage directly over the official sound testing position marker held by the owner with his/her position always being furthermost from the microphone.



The aircraft is to be facing the direction of the microphone at the start of the sound test.



the model ,with it’s engine operating at maximum r.p.m. and state of tune, shall be tested in the following positions:




Model pointing at the sound meter microphone.




Model pointing 90degrees to the left of the sound meter microphone.




Model pointing directly away (180 degrees) from the sound meter microphone.




Model pointing 90 degrees to the right of the sound meter microphone.



The total duration of the sound test shall be one of continuous engine run and not longer in time than thirty ( 30) seconds. If the engine stops during the test, then complete test shall be conducted again until a full test is completed.



The sound level recorded shall be the average value of the four (4) position readings.



The owners full name and address, the type of aircraft and engine tested, plus the weather conditions, including wind speed and temperature shall be recorded in an official Sound Testing Book. The book is to be maintained by the club Secretary.



General/Annual General Meetings: Where reports are to be given to a General or an Annual General Meeting, then such reports shall be submitted to the Secretary one (1) week prior to the date of posting of the detailed agenda for that meeting. Reports verbal or written may be presented to any meeting if agreed by the meeting and accordingly included in the minutes


Management Committee Meetings: Where written reports are to be given to a Management Committee meeting, then such reports shall be handed to the Secretary prior to the close of the meeting at which the reports have been presented.


Agenda Items: Where an agenda item is submitted by the ordinary Member for inclusion in the agenda of any meeting of the MAAQ, Inc. (Annual, General or Special ) it must be signed by the Secretary or some duly appointed officer of the club.




World Championship Teams – Overseas: Where an M.A.A.Q. Inc. Affiliate Member earns the right to membership of a World Championship team by performance/s in the selection event/s as determined by the M.A.A.A. Inc., then the M.A.A.Q. Inc. shall provide a subsidy of not more than $500.00 (five hundred dollars) to assist the qualifying team member.


Trans-Tasman Teams – Outside Australia: Where an M.A.A.Q. Inc Affiliate Member earns the right to membership of a Trans-Tasman team by performance/s in the selection event/s as determined by the M.A.A.A. Inc., then the M.A.A.Q. Inc. shall provide a subsidy of not more than $300.00 (three hundred dollars) to assist the qualifying team member.


World Championship Team – Australia: Where an M.A.A.Q. Inc. Affiliate Member earns the right to membership of a World Championship team by performance/s in the selection event/s as determined by the M.A.A.A. Inc., then the M.A.A.Q. Inc. shall provide a subsidy of not more than $100.00 (one hundred dollars) to assist the qualifying team member, provided that the distance required to attend the World Championship event is more than 500 km in the most direct route.


World Championship Team Trials- Australia: The M.A.A.Q. Inc will provide a subsidy of not more than $200.00 per member, to a maximum of 3 members per discipline, (in any one year) to attend World Championship team selection trials. The distance required to attend the trial must be more than 500k m by the most direct route. Only the members who qualify in the first three (3) places at the State held elimination trials will be eligible. This subsidy will be for one trial only.



(a) An Official M.A.A.Q. Inc. Sanctioned Event


(b) A Fun Fly, Display, etc.


If a complaint is raised for any reason during an M.A.A.Q. Inc. Sanctioned Event, then the complaint must firstly be made to the Contest Director.

If a solution cannot be agreed to, then the complaint is to be submitted in writing, with a fee of $6.00 (Section 2 – ‘Other Fees’) to the Category Administrator.

The Category Administrator in conjunction with the Sub-Committee can decide on the solution.



Before a Motion of No Confidence against any member of the Management Committee or the Management Committee itself, can be submitted for consideration and actioned by the Ordinary Members of the M.A.A.Q. inc it shall have the support of 25% of the Ordinary members. (Clubs). All Ordinary members must be financial. Each motion of No Confidence must be signed the President, Vice-President and Secretary. (Treasurer if no Vice-President) of the Club. This must be presented to the Management Committee of the M.A.A.Q Inc six (6) weeks before the next General Meeting.



Where an Ordinary member or an Affiliate member refuses to abide by the accepted majority on any motion that is voted on and passed by the Ordinary members (present and proxy) at any meeting of the M.A.A.Q. Inc (Annual, General or Special) and continues to campaign against such motion, then the M..A.A.Q. inc Management Committee should request that that Member of Affiliate show just cause as to why they be permitted to remain a member.



The Secretary is to maintain a listing of all equipment that is purchased and its location for the use by Members. This list is to be updated form time to time as required. The Loan Equipment Register is to be published in the Associations newsletter.



Equipment that is listed on the Equipment Loan register may be borrowed by any financial member of the M.A.A.Q. Inc.. The equipment will be assigned on a ‘First in’ basis. Except where the items of equipment are required for a National, State or Team trial event. The member is responsible for the cost of postage, freight and insurance charges.

To obtain the equipment the Member must contact the Category Administrator or Special Interest Group, that has custody of the equipment and arrange for its use. The member requesting the use of such equipment must give four (4) weeks notice of their interest to borrow.


RULES FOR FORMULA Q.S. and FORMULA Q.E. (Queensland Pylon Association)

At the 1996 Annual General Meeting of the Queensland Pylon Association held on 20/10/96 at Maryborough, the sport pylon rules were formulated. In Queensland, in addition to F3D,1/4 Midget and 1/2 A, two sport classes are to be raced called Formula Q.S. and Formula Q.E. (Approved by MAAQ Inc. for inclusion).

Sport Pylon Rules.


Any fixed wing aircraft capable of ROG take-off is allowed.


Formula Q.S.

Any front induction, side exhaust reciprocating piston motor of a displacement of not less than 4 cc nor greater than 7.6 cc and not exceeding 1.5 advertised horsepower is allowed. The motor shall be fitted with a working carburettor and exhaust muffler as provided by the manufacturer of that particular motor. No modifications except for compression settings to suit the fuel used are allowed.

Formula Q.E.

Any front induction, side exhaust reciprocating piston motor of a displacement of not less than 4 cc nor greater than 7.6 cc is allowed. The motor shall be fitted with a working throttle and a muffler or “Magic Muffler” type exhaust. Full tuned pipe systems are not allowed. The motor may be modified in any way as the above criteria are met.


Formula Q.S.

The propeller must be of composite resin/fibre, or injection moulded types commercially available. Wooden propellers are not allowed. The propeller is to be a 10.5 by 6 Bolly Clubman.

Formula Q.E.

The propeller must be of composite resin/fibre construction. Injection moulded and wooden propellers are not allowed. The propellers and pitch are unlimited.


Standard 4:1 methanol/castor fuel is to be used. The fuel used in the competition shall be supplied by the race organisers.

Race Procedures:

At the commencement of the race, the aircraft must ROG. Races will be conducted under the following F3D (FAI) Rules:

Clause 5.2.11 “Organisation for Radio Controlled Pylon Racing Contests”, excepting that the competitors are not required to supply a second frequency.

Clause 5.2.12 “Operation of the Race” excepting that Clause 5.2.12 does not apply.

Clause 5.2.13 “Scoring”


Formula Q.S. – The racing course shall be the standard Quarter Midget and 1/2 A course.

Formula Q.E. – The racing course shall be the standard F3D course.


Aims: To promote the flying and display of Scale model Seaplanes and, in particular, Scale Replicas of SCHNEIDER TROPHY racing machines.


Eligibility: Scale replicas only are permissible, proof of which must be submitted in the form of photographs or plans of the full size prototype.





Model to be at rest, floating on water whilst being judged for accuracy to scale from a distance of approximately 5 (five) metres. (50 point maximum Allocation)



Model to be placed upon a table and judged for workmanship and finish. Judges are permitted to closely inspect and handle the model during this segment of judging. (50 points maximum Allocation)


Flying: Two flights are to be made. The best score to be added to the Static score. If only one (1) flight is made, then that score is to be halved and the halved score added to the Static score. Each manoeuvre to be judged out of ten (10) points.





Figure “8” taxi to start point of take-off run. Model need not be stationary prior to take-off.






Procedure Turn – upwind past judges, turn, then downwind past judges.






Touch and Go.(Minimum of two (2) seconds on water).



Rectangular Approach.



Landing Quality (within 50 metres of spot).



Committee claim form



Application / Renewal of Club Membership



Schedule of Office Bearers of Ordinary Members



Tobacco Advertising


Revised November 2nd 2005