MAAQ/MAAA Fees – FY 23/24 

Club renewal fee: $20 (payable to the MAAQ)

Membership fees:

Full Year Senior $90 $40 $130
Full Year Junior $45 $20 $65
MAAA Life Member Full Year $0 $40 $40
MAAQ Life Member Full Year $90 $0 $90
Half Year Senior $45 $20 $65
Half Year Junior $25 $10 $35


  1. The Club renewal fee is for clubs to renew their membership as an MAAA/MAAQ Club.
  2.  MAAQ Club renewal form can be located here and sent to MAAQ Treasurer once completed.
  3. Half fees apply after 1 January, 2024 for new members, or for past members who have had a break in membership of 18 months or longer.
  4. A Junior is defined as a member who is under 18 years old as of the 1st July in that membership year. Please check the database when renewing those in transition to Senior membership, based on their birthday.
  5. Fees ratified at the MAAQ Meeting 16/5/23

Club Registrars, click here to go to the MAAA Database. Contact the MAAQ Registrar if you have any issues.