Following on from Australia’s great efforts in Norway 2022 we would like to be properly prepared for Romania in 2024 and to continue our successful trend. The team trial will be held at a date and place to be confirmed between May and the end of August 2023. Initial entries (Entry Form Here) to the team trial will close at the end of March 2023. Based on those entries, the trial locations and dates will be decided.

If I have heard nothing from a state secretary by March 30th 2023, it will be deemed that there are no interested competitors from that state.

Please also note there is a non-refundable entry fee of $250 that is payable by March 30th, 2023 by any entrant. The entry fee will be refundable for two weeks after March 30th while the trial dates and locations are confirmed. If an entrant cannot make it to the trial location, their monies will be returned. Following that, the entry fee will be donated to the F4C and F4H teams that are attending the world championships.

The entrant will need to sign and declare what components of the model have been constructed by them. The entrant should only nominate as competitors if they believe they are able to comply with the list of FAI requirements (note, these are international standard rules and their conditions are not negotiable). These are as follows:

  • You must have an eligible model that is within the F4C and F4H weight limits. Maximum 15KG.
  • You must understand the declaration process relevant to your class and be able to demonstrate that your
  • declaration for static judging is accurate.
  • The model submitted must be the model they intend to take to the world championships.
  • You must clearly understand the builder of the model rule in F4 scale.
  • You must be familiar with FAI F4 scale competition, understand the rules, and have competed in scale
  • competitions that use F4 FAI rules.
  • A photo of the model is required as part of your entry.
  • You must document your intended flight maneuvers as part of your entry.
  • The trial for F4C and F4H could be in different locations at different dates. Entrants will need to be willing to travel to the location of the trial wherever it may be set.

Further Relevant Information

Any person contemplating entering the team trial needs to be aware that a world championship can be an expensive exercise. You could easily expect to spend 15-20 thousand dollars for the journey. Our recent experience for costs on model transport was approximately $8300 for air freight (per model) and approximately $5000 for sea freight (per model). Sea freight has the penalty of approximately 3 months travel time one way.

The team for each class will be the first, second, and third place getters in that category at the team trial.

Once the team has been chosen, if a member of the team withdraws only the other paid entrants in a placing order will be eligible to replace that person in the class they entered.

Any funding or sponsorship raised by an individual or the team will be put into a joint fund for expenses for the entire team.

Thank you for your interest and if you require any further information, please contact me on the number below.

Your sincerely,

David Law

Australian Scale Delegate
0411 605 550